Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 28

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday was our last chance to brush up on the ball dances. So for a warm up we did Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, followed by Bill Clement MBE, Big Mac, Follow Me Home, John of Bon Accord, and The Reel of the Royal Scots.

May 26

An Afternoon and An Evening with Helen Russell

Scots on The Rocks was very fortunate to have Helen Russell from the UK for their Afternoon Workshop and Evening Social at Marrickville Town Hall on 24 May. After a successful introduction of the format last year SoTR was keen to run the Afternoon/Evening event again. As with last year music for both the workshop …

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May 21

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday saw 14 couples dancing Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel followed by General Stuart’s Reel, Gang the Same Gate, Swiss Lassie and finishing off with an energetic and fun De’il Amang the Tailors. Robert, thank you for your teaching last night.

May 14

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday night saw dances from the social programme for 24 May and RSCDS Sydney Ball programme for 31 May – Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, Mrs Stewart’s Jig, The Nurseryman, Big Mac (5 couple MacDonald of the Isles), Catch the Wind and The Bonnie Tree. Thank you Robert for a good night of dancing.

May 07

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday night this week saw us dance Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, Sleepy Maggie, Anna Holden’s Strathspey, The Wild Geese, Bob Campbell and Reel of the Royal Scots. Thank you Robert for your instruction – we all enjoyed the night.