About Scottish Country Dancing

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About Our Ceilidhs

What is a Ceilidh? It’s a party! Ceilidh (the Irish call it a ceili) is a Scottish word for a party. You can read more in Wikipedia or just read on for the basics. It’s pronounced “kay-lee” and can be a night of song & dance, friends putting on their “party pieces” to entertain each …

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SCDemystified A few tips for newcomers to Scottish Country Dancing It’s Social You will leave more friends behind than you arrived with. Don’t be afraid to dance with a stranger – SCD is not “couples” dancing. Jeels & Rigs? Dances come in two main varieties – quick time or slow. Quick time dances are the jigs, …

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SCD Resources

Websites Royal Scottish Country Dance SocietyDedicated to dancing and teaching Scottish Country Dancing. Full of SCD resources and contacts. RSCDS Sydney Branch Sydney Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, with information on clubs, events and workshops. Scottish Country Dancing Wikipedia entry Information on scottish country dancing from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Video Scottish …

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Why Scottish Country Dancing?

“A late 1990s BBC documentary exploring the question of ‘what makes people happy’ concluded that the activity generating the greatest degree of happiness in its participants was Scottish country dancing. The aerobic demands of this type of dancing are considerable, and enthusiasts of all ages tend to be physically fit. So here is a hobby …

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