Why Scottish Country Dancing?

“A late 1990s BBC documentary exploring the question of ‘what makes people happy’ concluded that the activity generating the greatest degree of happiness in its participants was Scottish country dancing. The aerobic demands of this type of dancing are considerable, and enthusiasts of all ages tend to be physically fit. So here is a hobby that is officially more fun than sex and also better exercise. What’s more, you are not only allowed to change partners – it would be impolite not to.” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A315929)

Professor Michael Argyle was one of the best known English social psychologists of the twentieth century and made the following statement in relation to Scottish country dancing:

“Let us take another example: Scottish country dancing. This is very social, it involves use and development of skills, and is relaxing in the sense that tensions can be discharged. It is in addition a complete world of its own, with special costumes and rituals, and it includes the arousal of a great deal of joy, partly through the music.”
Argyle, M., The Psychology of Happiness (London, 1987).

An article from Men’s Health (Australia – Jan 03) magazine explored this further – Have A Fling by Sean Thomas.