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Apr 10

Scots on The Rocks Tuesday class will be running on ANZAC Day – 25/4/17 normal time and venue.

Jan 13

Tuesday Dances

A BIG thanks to Jan for a great class last night with Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, The Lass of Richmond Hill, Miss Eleanor, Half and Half, Ferla Mor, Clutha and The Miller of Sessnie.

Jul 29

Tuesday Dances

A chilly evening last night saw Morag teach Scottish Reform, Frae a’ the Airts, Miss Eleanor and The Australian Ladies with some good structured step practice and of course interesting anecdotes from theworld of SCD.

Jul 01

Tuesday Dances

A chilly night saw the class dance The Ruby Rant, Christine M. Phillips, Glasgow Highlanders (complete with Glasgow Highlanders setting step practice) and a few others to keep the cold at bay.

May 27

Tuesday Dances

Last night the class enjoyed Galloway House, Sunshine and Sweetie’s Jig, The Tri-mariner, Lady Lucy Ramsay, The Priest and His Books and The Silver Grey. 

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