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Jun 17

Tuesday Dances

Looking towards the RSCDS Sydney Branch Ball last night we polished Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan, Hoopers Jig, Linnea’s Strathspey, Just for Fun, Diamond Jubilee, Pelorus Jack and finished off with Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan for an encore.

Jun 10

Tuesday Dances

Last night we warmed up with Circassian Circle then polished some ball dances – The Harbour City, Moment of Truth, The Music Makers and Drumelzier. 

May 14

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday night saw dances from the social programme for 24 May and RSCDS Sydney Ball programme for 31 May – Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, Mrs Stewart’s Jig, The Nurseryman, Big Mac (5 couple MacDonald of the Isles), Catch the Wind and The Bonnie Tree. Thank you Robert for a good night of dancing.