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Jul 29

Tuesday Dances

A chilly evening last night saw Morag teach Scottish Reform, Frae a’ the Airts, Miss Eleanor and The Australian Ladies with some good structured step practice and of course interesting anecdotes from theworld of SCD.

May 13

Tuesday Dances

We had a varied night at SoTR last night, some step practice, some polishing of formations and danced some interesting dances – Highland Fair, The Ravens’ Dance, Golden Years and The Mathematicians.

Mar 18

Tuesday Dances

St. Patrick’s Day saw several visitors from the UK and Canberra join us in dancing Rivendell, St Patrick’s Jig (very appropriate on St Patrick’s Day) and the Reel of the Royal Scots. 

Jan 21

Tuesday Dances

In January and February we get quite a few visitors as other classes have not started for the year yet. Dances were (with some step practice exercises) – The Sorcerer, Bristol Fashion, The Dancers Wedding, Clutha and The Miller of Sessine. Thank you Jan, we enjoyed our evening with you.

Sep 03

Tuesday Dances

 It was a chilly and cold Tuesday again but a keen group of dancers turned up to warm up and have fun. Morag did some step practice and then went through some of the dances for Canberra Winter School – The Grassmarket Reel, The Hazel Tree, The Swan and the Tay, Welcome to Ayr and …

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