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May 20

Tuesday Dances

Welcoming a few visitors –  Jonathon and Rosemary dropped in to dance with us and baby Alex paid us a second visit. The dances were Cutty Sark, The Zoologists, Far North Queensland, The Recumbent Stone (Alex’s first strathspey), Rougemont Castle and Pelorus Jack. 

May 14

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday night saw dances from the social programme for 24 May and RSCDS Sydney Ball programme for 31 May – Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, Mrs Stewart’s Jig, The Nurseryman, Big Mac (5 couple MacDonald of the Isles), Catch the Wind and The Bonnie Tree. Thank you Robert for a good night of dancing.

May 07

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday night this week saw us dance Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel, Sleepy Maggie, Anna Holden’s Strathspey, The Wild Geese, Bob Campbell and Reel of the Royal Scots. Thank you Robert for your instruction – we all enjoyed the night.

Apr 30

Tuesday Dances

Tuesday night with Robert took us through a number of dances on the SoTR May Social programme and a dance or two from the RSCDS Sydney Ball programme – Catch The Wind, A Capital Jig, Capetown Wedding, Big Mac and to finish off that perennial favourite to have fun with De’il Amang the Tailors.

Mar 19

Tuesday Dances

Thanks to Ruth for a great programme last night consisting of The Reverend John MacFarlane, The Highlandman’s Umbrella, The Dancer’s Friend (a great 3C strathspey), The Dipper In The Dales, Macdonald of the Isles 5C aka Big Mac, Mrs Cholmondeley’s Reel and Loch Torridon.

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