Mar 10

March Chaotic Ceilidh sold out – want to know why?

We get a lot of calls and emails just after our tickets sell out often asking the same questions.

Why do tickets sell out so fast?
Abraham Mott hall comfortably fits 100 people for dancing. Any more than that would be over crowded and potentially unsafe.

We make tickets available to our regular tuesday class members, and those who have completed our most recent beginners course first. This usually accounts for about 50% of the tickets we have available.

Why don’t you run more Ceilidhs?
We’re a small community group, all volunteers, and all involved because we enjoy Scottish Country Dancing. Sydney has a great Scottish Country Dance scene, and many of our members and club organisers spend their weekends off dancing at other club’s events. There really isn’t space in the Scottish Country Dancing calendar for more events.

Why don’t you get a bigger hall?
This would be an option, but we like Abraham Mott, and the work involved in organising, ticketing and preparing food for 200+ people is more than our small club could handle.  We think our Chaotic Ceilidhs would lose a lot of their charm if they turned into massive events.

How can I get tickets next time?
Get in early is always the best advice.

Another option is to join our August Beginners Class – not only will you get first dibs on tickets for the September ceilidh, you will learn the steps and formations that will open a door to all the other Scottish Country Dancing that is available in Sydney.  Why not give it a try?

So thanks for supporting our group, and being understanding about the reasons our tickets sell out so quickly. We are delighted that so many people are so enthusiastic for our Chaotic Ceilidhs!

Scots on The Rocks